Giriş Formu


Welcome to the official webpage of YUCE, the leading company of our country in the sector of 925 silver jewellery and precious stones.

Our company introducing imported silver jewellery varieties firstly with jewellery tradesmen and consumers of Turkey, always been the pioneer of the first , without compromising its quality and richness of art, it stands always by customers as partners.

YOU ARE INVITED by our genial professional team to our four-storey shop that is crafted carefully for you to select thousands of our varieties easily and comfortably. Every month we add to our collection more than 400 new models.

For you, with our private fleet prepared to provide beter service, we offer all varieties including new models to your addresses by our foreign operations team to all of points of Turkey Periodically.

Our imports producted only as first-class as Marcasite, Zircon, Ruby ( Emarald - Chrysolite - Sapphire ), Amber, Zavoroski, Quartz, Garnet, Onyx, Authentic and Electroform and all our other silver jewellery adorned with infinite riches; for us it is the greatest happiness to see their stance on thousands of jewellery fans in a harmonious way.

We are proud of hundreds of our excellent silver tradesmen partners who offer our products to the service of jewellery fans in all cities of our country as well as in many countries abroad. We also offer our respects with hope to meet our new friends.

’ The detail adding sense to beauty ’’